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Are you looking to manage Covid 19 risks while filming? Do you need to provide your crew a safe

location or studio?

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Create  a  safe  working  environment  that  is  germ,  virus  and  bacteria  free

Protect cast and crew members

Maintain the productivity and efficiency of a production or film based service

Behind the scenes of video shooting prod


With the rise of the Covid 19 virus in December 2019 and the global pandemic, it is important that we understand and control the risks this health crisis has bought to our workplace. Keeping cast and crew members safe at all times is of utmost importance.

We at OSSC provide a safe and efficient decontamination service. We ensure that all filming equipment entering an onset environment is clean and ready to be used.


Using hospital grade disinfection technology OSSC can eradicate 99.9999% of germs, viruses and bacteria from virtually all equipment and staging.

Our directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the entertainment industry. We understand extensively the protocols in place to make a production work and know that new measures must be put in place. Our system can quickly and effectively clean equipment and provide a safe working environment giving peace of mind to cast and crew. 


We now face a distinct change in the way we operate as a film unit. OSSC can make the transition as efficient as possible and help to get camera’s rolling again. 


For information on the systems process or a demonstration please contact OSSC.

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